Hello! My name is Joanna (aka Jojo in the blogosphere) and I can't tell you which I love more: running, cycling, or eating. I do all three equally well! I started running in the summer of 2012 after I signed up for my first half marathon with a friend. I've been loving it and have done many more races since that first 13.1. Check out the "My Races" tab to learn more!

I also got into road cycling in the summer of 2013 as a way to cross-train. Once I started, I fell in love all over again, so please don't ask me to choose just one sport! I train for endurance cycling events, such as my first century ride (Back Roads Century).

Doing endurance sports is thrilling to me because there is nothing better than putting in the hard work and reaching a personal goal. My blog is about my journey in training, racing, and doing the things I love!

Speaking of doing the things I love, I am pouring my passion for cycling into battling cancer. I am teaming up with 4K for Cancer, a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund, and 30 other young adults on a cross country ride from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR in the summer of 2014. It's going to be an epic 4,400 mile journey where we will bring hope and inspiration to the cancer communities that we will meet along the way. Read more about the 4K for Cancer by clicking on the "4K for Cancer" tab. 

More About Me:

To read more about my journey of becoming a runner, I posted an essay I wrote in a three-part series:

Attuning to Running: Part 1
Attuning to Running: Part 2
Attuning to Running: Part 3

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You can reach me at jojoywang@gmail.com

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