Apr 23, 2015

Posted by Jo W. 4/23/2015
I was recently sent some samples from Pearls Olives to try and review their Olives to Go! I've seen these in grocery stores before, but had yet to try them. I enjoy olives in things like salads and pizza, but I rarely eat them straight up as a snack. 

Fun fact about me: I actually disliked eating olives for most of my life. However, for some reason, I kept trying them. And they started to grow on me. Now I actually enjoy eating them (good thing, otherwise this review would've been a bust)

This is what I received: four 4-packs of kalamatas, sliced black olives, black pitted, and pimento stuffed. An insulated lunch tote was included as well, which is perfect because I needed one!

Have you ever eaten those fruit cup things that are impossible to open without squirting the juice in your eye or spilling it all over the place? Well, these portable cups of olives are conveniently drained of that water/brine, which makes it mess-free. I really appreciated that. 

I tried the different varieties both straight up and in salads. The portions in each cup was a good amount and it was easy to pop one open and dump on top of a salad. My favorite variety is the kalamata. Love that savory flavor.

I used the black sliced olives as a pizza topping. The sliced olives made it convenient since I didn't have to chop up whole olives. There was also the perfect amount to top a medium homemade pizza.

What I liked:

  • convenience of pre-portioned to-go packs
  • no brine for mess-free eating
  • good portion size
  • long shelf life

What I didn't like:
  • amount of packaging
  • nutrition facts doesn't list values for the entire cup, since there are apparently 2.5 servings 


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