Jul 7, 2012

Posted by Jo W. 7/07/2012

I had a pretty great Friday night. There are free concerts downtown for Independence day, and the festivities continue this weekend.

Third Eye Blind played last night, and they were pretty good for a free concert. There was a VIP area near the front and we needed a pass to get in. I didn't know how people got passes, so we just got up to the closed off area as close as we could. Some people without passes tried to sneak under the fence. Haha, there was a small gap under the fence, and a group of guys crawled underneath. They weren't exactly subtle but the security personnel either didn't notice or didn't care. While we were waiting for the concert to start, some random woman came up to us and passed out about 6 VIP passes. There were four people in my group, so we were really lucky that all of us got one! Man, we got so lucky and we got to get up pretty close, as you can tell in the pictures :D

It was so hot and I got terribly sweaty. It was about 106 earlier in the day, and it didn't cool off much by night time. The concert was still really fun, and there were fireworks afterwards. We left immediately after the fireworks since the metro was getting really crowded. It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would to get back. My co-workers were throwing a party starting at 10, and I made it back in time to swing by. We didn't stay for too long, and I got back around 12:30 since I was getting pretty tired.

I "slept in" this morning and got up around 9. Haha I'm so used to getting up around 6-7am, so 9 feels pretty late to me. I'm just going to bum today; I have no motivation to go out since it's gonna be another 106 degree day. It's only noon and it's already 100 degrees.


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