Jul 1, 2012

Posted by Jo W. 7/01/2012
Mon- 6.2 mile run
Tues- 6.4 + 0.7 mi
Wed- rest
Thurs- rest
Fri- 2.4 + 2 mi
Sat- 2.3 mi run + 8.5 mi bike
Sun- rest

This week was hot as hell, so I did most of my running on Monday and Tuesday when it was cooler. My knees and shins were bothering me quite a bit, so I didn't get to run a lot later this week. I wanted to do a long run on Saturday, but my lower legs hurt so much I had to stop after about 2 miles, and I switched to biking instead. I should cross-train more and give my knees a break. I don't know if I will run tomorrow. I might need to rest a bit longer. I'm not very good at doing things in moderation and I tend to over do things like training. I'm afraid that if I take too many days off, I'll lose my momentum.

This weekend I went out to eat every single day. I wasn't planning on going out on Friday night, but my friend wanted to go somewhere for dinner so we ended up going to a tapas bar. We shared four tapas, churros for dessert, and I ordered a caipirinha. Haha I was really stuffed after that. On Saturday, I got delicious falafel sandwiches with a salad. Yummy, I love falafel. Sunday, I went to Chipotle for lunch, and an Asian fusion place for dinner.


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