Oct 6, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 10/06/2013
I had a greet week despite the fact that I had to take two rest days due to work and interviewing. My highlight was my bike ride on Thursday with a friend. We went at an easy pace along rolling hills, so it wasn't too strenuous. My long run this week is a step-down from last week's 20-miler, so I only ran 13.2 miles. I'm going to start tapering my long runs, and will probably only do 10 next week. Erm, I'll have to do it this Thursday before I have to travel all weekend. Yikes, which reminds me, I have to get ready for my trip to SoCal and Louisville!

I was going to go on a long bike ride today, but I had to work this morning and could only go out later in the day. It's super hot outside, though, so I'm just going to skip it all together. I think I'm going to head to the aquatic center, use the gym and swim some laps. I haven't swam in a lap pool for years, so this'll be interesting... I don't even have swim goggles.

9/29 Sun- 18.5 mi bike

9/30 Mon- 5 mi bike
10/1 Tues- rest (interview day!)

10/2 Wed- 8 mi run

10/3 Thurs- 24.4 mi bike

10/4 Fri- 13.2 mi run

10/5 Sat- rest (work all day :( )


Biked- 42.9 mi
Ran- 26.2 mi (yea I totally did that on purpose)


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