Oct 18, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 10/18/2013
Over 30,000 runners and race organizers breathed a sigh of relief after the government re-opened on Wednesday night and the Marine Corps Marathon is back on. Here's a short video summing it up:

Haha, the race director is so excited!

I am super-pumped as well, especially now that we are only nine days away from the big day! And that means it's taper time.

This past week's training has been going well. During my four-day trip last weekend, I managed to run a bit on a treadmill, swim a few laps, and cycle in the hotel gyms. I've been home since Tuesday, so I dived right back into training.

Tuesday- biked 28.4 mi
Wednesday- ran 6.2 mi (avg 7:53 pace)
Thursday- biked 23.7 mi
Friday- ran 8.8 mi (avg 7:56 pace)

Today's 8.8 miler will be my last long-ish, hard-ish run before the marathon. I'm just going to take it easy from here on out. Tomorrow I won't have time to do anything, since I have to work from 9am to 8pm (ugh).

I'm gonna be really busy traveling in the next week. I'll be out of town on Sunday and Monday for an interview in Portland, Maine. Next Thursday, I'll be flying out to Salt Lake City for another interview, and coming back on Friday. Then I'll have Saturday to rest, hit up the expo, and try to relax before the race on Sunday!

It's not ideal to have two interviews so close before my marathon, but at least they will distract me from getting all taper-crazy! Also, I am SO relieved that I my interviews won't interfere with the actual race date. When I registered way back in April, I knew that there would be a pretty high chance that I would have dental school interviews right around Oct. 27th. I was mentally prepared to not be able to run it if I had an interview that coincided with the race. Seems like I dodged the bullet, so I'm really happy about that!


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