Jun 28, 2012

Posted by Jo W. 6/28/2012
Why I hate running:

  1. Knee pain
  2. Muscle soreness
  3. Thirst
  4. Summer heat
  5. Feeling tired
  6. Feeling like my feet are dragging
  7. Getting passed by faster runners and feeling like I'm going at a snail's pace
  8. Feeling like I've been running forever, and it's only been a few miles

Why I love running:
  1. Runner's high
  2. Working up a lot of sweat
  3. Feeling like I've accomplished something when my muscles are sore
  4. Feeling strong
  5. Feeling like my feet are light and flying
  6. Passing other people
  7. Forgetting the time and being surprised at how much I've ran
  8. Feeling hungry all the time (so I can eat more ;) 

Why do you love/hate running?


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