Jul 28, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 7/28/2013
I have been training hard lately for the upcoming fall racing season. I have a few target events:

1) Riley's Rumble Half Marathon

GOAL: I am running this hilly course as a training run, so my only goal is to keep myself together and enjoy a local race (right near my house!)

2) Rock n' Roll Philly Half Marathon

GOAL: beat my current PR of 1:52, I am aiming for under 1:50

3) Back Roads Century

GOAL: complete my first century ride! (100 miles of road biking) I want to thoroughly enjoy the fantastic scenery of the country roads in Virginia and West Virginia

4) Marine Corps Marathon

GOAL: Complete my first marathon (!!!) in around 4 hours

5) Turkey Chase

GOAL: Get a 10K PR under 50 minutes

I am so excited for all of these events! My training has been going really well lately, injury-free (knock on wood!), and keeping up the motivation. And now that the heat wave is over, it's been even better. I'm enjoying those sub-70 degree temperatures early in the morning.

Here's what my training this week looked like:

Mon- went to the beach, so just walked around on the beach and swam in the ocean :)

Tues- REST

Wed- rode 15.1 miles (avg 15.6 mph)

Thurs- ran 9.1 miles (8:24 min/mile)

Fri- ran 6.3 miles (7:57 min/mile)

Sat- rode 34.4 miles (avg 16.2 mph)

Sun- ran 9.22 miles (8:55 min/mile)

Took my first "vacation" this summer on Monday. My friends and I went on a day trip to Assateague Island and Ocean City. I saw ponies, swam in the ocean, got tan, and ate the best crab cakes at Ocean City.

We tried making an Aztec-like sand castle, but the sea gods were not pleased and washed it away :(


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