Jun 11, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 6/11/2014
Mileage: 83 miles

Day 11 went by really quickly, despite the higher mileage. The route we took was really flat, and quite a large portion was on the extensive bike trails of Ohio. It was so nice to ride on traffic-free trails for a change. It is much less stressful. 

A highlight of the day was stopping at a bank for ice pops. A lady was standing by the side of the rode with a "free popscicles"  sign and we slammed on the brakes. We chatted with the people from the bank as we ate our ice pops and told them about the cross country bike ride and how the Ulman Cancer Fund helps young adults with cancer. 

We got to the host, a high school in Oakwood, OH around 4pm. The local rotary club invited us to dinner at one of the member's houses. We had a great dinner with plenty of Dewey's pizza (so excited for it since I've had it in StL), salad, various sides, and a ton of desserts. 

One of our teammates, Peter, had his 24th birthday, so we got him a cake. It was decorated with bananas because he challenged himself to eat 24 bananas throughout the day (though thankfully he quit after about 11 bananas). 


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