Jun 14, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 6/14/2014
I wrote a draft of this post for Day 11 a few days ago, but haven't posted it yet, so I might as well today.

Today is Day 14 of our trip, and we are currently in Lexington, KY. The past 36 hours has been a crazy whirlwind of chaos that has rocked my team. I just can not bring myself to write about it just yet. For the next few days, my blog will be on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time. For those of my readers who do not know what happened, I apologize for keeping you in suspense.

Tomorrow we will be in Louisville, KY for a service day.

Here's a brief recap of Day 11:

The Rotary Club in Oakwood, OH invited us to their breakfast meeting at a country club. It was a really delicious and fancy breakfast. A nice change from the usual banana and peanut butter on whatever random bread I can find.

The Rotary Club members were happy to have us and chat about what the 4K is about. A few of us presented our experiences with the trip so far, our logistics, and why we decided to do the 4K.

The president made us step out for about five minutes, and in that short time, they did a fundraiser right then and there. The handed us a wad of cash, over $580, to donate to the Ulman Cancer Fund. That was so incredible of them.

Before we left, we invited the members to join our dedication circle, where we share who we are riding for that day. A few of them asked us to ride in honor of their loved ones who were either battling cancer, beaten cancer, or succumbed to it. It was really special and emotional to have the Rotary Club members participate in our dedication circle.

We did our Team Portland cheer, and got ready to head out for the day. Before we left, though, we stopped by the Wright Brother's house, which was nearby.

I honestly don't remember much of the details of the ride; my memory isn't the best right now. It went smoothly for the most part, and a lot of it was on bike trails. It was nice to ride on traffic-free trails for a change; it is so much less stressful. 

We got to our host, the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, in Cincinnati, OH. We did some group laundry at a laundromat, which was an interesting experience since I don't remember the last time I was at a laundromat.

Where we were and going for the next few days:

6/13- Lexington, KY
6/14- Lexington, KY
6/15- Louisville, KY
6/16- Bloomington, IN


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