Jun 7, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 6/07/2014

Today, I did not ride because I was in charge of driving one of the 15-passenger support vans. I was responsible for getting food donations. I was lucky because we already had a ton of food from our last host, so we were pretty much set for lunch. 

First things first was getting gas in the giant monster of a vehicle (we named it Clyde). Filling a nearly empty tank was $100 even. 

My partner, Jocelyn, and I decided to drive to a nearby town called Salem, OH to ask around. Our first stop was a family pharmacy. They were so nice that they basically pulled whatever was on my list off the shelf to give to us. I think the employees might have paid out of their own pockets, or at least were willing to without a second thought. 

Since we already had so much lunch food, we just needed to get some healthy  food from the grocery store. We asked Walmart, Aldi, and another grocery store before getting a "yes". The owner of a Giant Eagle gave us a $20 gift card, so we got to pick out fruits, veggies, hummus, etc. 

The ride today was very short, only about 45 miles, so a lot of the riders got to the host around noon. It basically felt like a day off because we had so much free time. 

In the afternoon, I wanted to go for a run, so Caitlyn and I decided to run to the nearest Target to pick up a soccer ball.

On the way back, we stole a sign from a kid's birthday party. A teammate's nickname is Party, so when we ran into a sign with her name on it, we had to take a picture. It was perfect. 

Today was a relaxing day and I got to have a nice shower, watch an episode of Orange is the New Black, play soccer and basketball, and do some bike maintenance. 

Next stop: Mansfield, OH


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