Jul 15, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 7/15/2014
Mileage: 47.68

My team had a great time in Boulder during our rest day and were reluctant to leave. Team San Francisco was in Boulder with us, so we got to hang out with them. In the morning before we headed in different directions, they came to our host church to do dedication circle together. We stood in a large circle, about 56 riders and each shared who we were riding for. We then took turns doing our team cheer. Every team does their cheer differently, and it's fun to watch the creative variations of the 4K cheer. 

4K alumni also met up with us in Boulder and were joining us for a couple of days. Some rode with us, while others rode in the support vans to cheer us on. I got to ride with an alum, Chelsea, who is also from Montgomery County, MD. She had just moved to Boulder, which I am so jealous of! After being in Boulder for only two days, I already know that it is somewhere that I would love to live. 

We had a short riding day, and since we couldn't get into our host in Fort Collins until 4pm, we took our time. It was National Slurpee Day, which meant free Slurpees at 7-11. We stopped by one near our first water stop. 

For lunch, we stopped by a cool sculpture park. Since we had plenty of time, we just hung out for a few hours there. 

After eating, I walked around to look at the sculptures. Some were very whimsical. 

We got into Fort Collins around 3pm. Fort Collins is an interesting college town, and their main street is full of restaurants, shops, and bars. The host didn't provide us dinner, so we were on our own. I enjoy going out to eat and trying local food in different cities, so I didn't mind. For dinner, I was on a mission to try Beau Jo's, a pizza place that I heard about on the Travel Channel. They specialize in "mountain pies", which are ridiculously large pizzas with a ridiculously large braided crust. These pizzas are hefty! Perfect after a day of cycling.

Beau Jo's has a "14er" pizza eating challenge: two people have to finish a 14 pound pie in under an hour. The reward is free pizza, $100, t-shirts, and your name on the wall. I joked about doing the challenge and even considered it seriously for half a second. But 7 pounds of pizza would most likely kill me. I split a 3 pound pizza with Chris, and we didn't even finish all of it. We each had a slice for breakfast and some odd ends of the huge crust. 


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