Jul 15, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 7/15/2014
Mileage: 42 miles

Sorry about the lack of blog posts lately. And the fact that they are all out of order. I am currently in Wyoming and cell phone service and wifi has been very spotty. I'll try to post photos and quick recaps of the days that I've missed. 

Day 43 was short, with one big climb into Medicine Bow National Forest. 

Shortly after taking this picture, I saw a huge rock formation and immediately wanted to climb it. A few of my teammates and I decided to go. 

Climbing up the rock formation was so much fun! I'm like a mountain goat and just scrambled straight up the rock. The views from the top were amazing!

We enjoyed the views for a while and explored the rock formation.

Best detour ever!

We got to the host in Laramie, took showers, and had a home cooked dinner provided by the host. After dinner, I had some free time and enjoyed the sunset with the mountains in the background. More mountains and climbing soon!


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