Mar 30, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 3/30/2014

I had a great week of training, doing a variety of workouts including running, cycling, yoga, and rock climbing. I met my goal of practicing a bit of yoga every day and doing a bike and run brick. On Saturday, I wanted to go cycling with a group of friends, but it's been soggy all weekend and we opted to go indoor rock climbing instead. I was in a rock climbing club in college, but I haven't been in a while and am still a noob at it. Since I rarely go to the rock climbing gym, I am not belayed certified and we only had two people who were in our group. They were kind enough to belay for most of the time, but I felt kind of bad. I also went bouldering, which I'm really bad at! I've climbed a 5.10 before, but when it comes to bouldering, I can barely get up a V.1. My arm and grip strength is so weak, and my arms were so fatigued by the end. I had a great time doing something a bit different!
On Sunday, I had my first race of the season with my running club. It was rainy and windy, but I was just glad to race! I planned my wardrobe rather poorly and wore shorts, so my legs never really warmed up. They felt a bit leaden and not very fresh, but I managed to PR! I'll have a more detailed race recap in another post.

Monday- rest day

Tuesday- 40 mins on bike trainer, weights
                  Vinyasa flow yoga

Wednesday- hot power Vinyasa yoga

Thursday- bike/run brick, 30 mins on trainer, 2.36 mi run avg 7:18
                   20 mins yoga

Friday- 3.1 mi run avg 7:40
              Vinyasa flow yoga

Saturday- biking 11.3 mi
                 20 mins yoga
                 indoor rock climbing

Sunday- Piece of Cake 10K, avg 7:33
               Yin/Yang yoga

Totals- Running 11.7 mi
            Cycling 11.3 mi + 70 mins on trainer

How did your training go this week? Do you have a goal race this season?


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