Jun 20, 2014

Posted by Jo W. 6/20/2014
I honestly don't know where to begin to describe what has happened in the past week. The days have been filled with a lot of heartbreak and tears, but also a lot of love, laughs, hope, and inspiration. It has been a tough time, but I am glad to say that my team, Team Portland, is going to be okay. Or as we like to say, "4K OK".

Today is day 20, a week after my 4K team experienced a terrible tragedy and a huge loss. If you haven't already heard on the news, Jamie Roberts was hit by a car on the side of the road in Kentucky on Friday, June 13th. It was a freak accident and so sudden. Another teammate was standing right next to her, and walked away with non life-threatening injuries.

The following few days were so tough. In the middle of the worst case scenario, being together as a team was the best possible way to get through it. Everyone was so supportive of each other and there were a lot of massive group hugs full of tears and laughter. We were also surrounded by family and friends whose love and support really helped make things better. The tragedy hit our team hard, but we are slowly healing together.

This was the first time I had lost someone that was close to me. I had known Jamie for only the first two weeks of the 4K, but when you are cycling across the country, time seems to stretch out. Two weeks honestly felt like at least a month; our whole team got to know each other pretty quickly. I am grateful for having the privilege of knowing Jamie for this short time, though I am sad that I won't get to know her better. Jamie was such a joyful and warm person; I honestly don't remember ever seeing her without a smile on her face.

As a team, we have decided to bring her bike to Portland, OR. Jamie has touched everyone in a special way, and we all carry a piece of her with us. We are taking turns riding her bike each day, so that she can finish the ride to Portland. Getting back on the bike after the incident took a lot of courage, but I think we are all the more stronger and determined to keep on riding for Jamie. We will get to Portland, and Jamie will definitely be with us the entire way.

Today, we observed the time that Jamie left this earth a week ago with a moment of silence. Our team stopped under a large tree in the middle of the countryside, with fields of corn and soy stretching as far as the eye could see. As we gathered under that tree, holding hands in a circle and reflecting on our memories of Jamie, I could swear that she was sending us sunshine and beautiful blue skies dotted with white clouds after a morning that started with a downpour.


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