Jun 6, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 6/06/2014
Mileage: 72 miles

Total Distance from Baltimore: 328 miles

After spending a day in Pittsburgh and having a full days rest, we were ready to roll out and head towards a new state: Ohio! My riding group for the day was with Peter, Chelsea, and Chris. The day started a bit chilly, so I wore my leg warmers and jacket. 

In the morning, I saw a sign for a bike cafe, so my team decided to go check it out. It ended up being a restaurant in a park by a pretty lake. Since we weren't getting anything, we just stopped by to look around and see if they had any stickers. I want to collect stickers to put on my bike throughout the trip. The manager actually came out with a box of them, and I chose one that said "I <3 Hills" and "Bike Love". Perfect. My first bike stickers :)

The total mileage for today was about 72 miles. We went at a slow pace, so it took quite a while to get to our host in Youngstown, OH. We crossed the state line at around mile 55 and of course had to stop to take photos. 

When I got to the church that was hosting us, the church people shuttled us to the local YMCA to shower. A good shower is always the best thing after a long day of cycling! What's even better is having a home cooked meal. The church held a potluck dinner for us, so there was a great variety of different foods, not just pasta! 

I had a pleasant conversation with the old ladies at the church. They seemed to enjoy our company as much as we enjoyed receiving their generosity. 

Next stop: Canton, OH. I will be driving the food van, so I'll be begging for food instead of cycling. Wish me luck!


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