Feb 25, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in | 2/25/2014
This week, 2/23-3/1, is National Eating Disorder Awareness week. Today, I would like to discuss how "fitness" is portrayed in the media, especially on the internet through blogs and other social network sites. I think this is an important topic because the messages we constantly receive from these sources can be damaging to one's body image and make us feel inadequate.

As an athlete, I work out and train for self-improvement, the thrill of getting my personal best, pushing my limits, and for the camaraderie of the running and cycling community. For me, fitness means being able to perform the sports that I love. I am amazed at what I am capable of, and I make sure to take care of myself so I can keep running, cycling, snowboarding, whatever for years to come.

However, the idea of "fitness" is frequently portrayed in the media by how our body looks. Especially in women's health and fitness magazines, recipes and exercises are all about slimming down, toning the tush, fighting the flab. What bothers me about how fitness is portrayed in the media is how it's all about shaping one's body into one "fit" body type, and for women especially, increasing sex appeal. Pinterest and Tumblr are notorious for having these types of "fitspiration" posts.

Since I'm feeling rather snarky today, let's bash some of these so-called "fitspiration" trends:

So my choices are get a six pack or hide my body in shame?

I don't want to do these exercise moves so I can magically have toned inner thighs, a flatter belly and a nice ass.

I don't work out for the upcoming bikini season

My work outs are not about how many calories I can burn and the pounds I can lose

I don't need to "detox", whatever that means

I don't want to eat a dinner that's only 350 calories and 2g of fat

I don't want to eat a sad facsimile of pizza when I want to eat a real damn pizza

I don't care about your guilt-free muffin recipe. Since when did a regular muffin come with a side of guilt?

Pureed bananas does NOT equal ice cream

I don't work out for the upcoming bikini season

And please, this paleo diet thing needs to go away.

Dear god, no. I am not a cavewoman.

Anything else you want to add? 


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