Feb 23, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , , | 2/23/2014
How was your weekend? The weather here was so nice both Saturday and Sunday, so I took advantage of it and spent a lot of time cycling outdoors. This weekend was the first time I rode outside for the season, and It. Was. Freaking. Awesome. I've been itching to get out there all winter, so I was looking forward to the rides all week.

On Saturday, I met up with my cycling buddy for a 26ish mile ride down to the Potomac river. We headed out around 11am, so it was already in the 60s. My legs felt great the whole ride, and at the end, they still felt fresh. I wanted to stay outside a little longer, so when I got home, I went out again for a shorter, hilly 11 mile ride. 

This morning, I was supposed to meet up with three friends, but two people couldn't make it so I went out again with my friend from Saturday. This was supposed to be a shorter, relaxed ride, but since my partner rides at a similar pace as me, we decided to pick up the pace and go a little bit longer. We ended up making a big loop for a total of 28 miles. There were quite a few climbs on this ride, and I pushed myself comfortably hard.

Okay, enough cycling. Let's talk about FOOD. I went out for pho on Friday night at a pho place I haven't tried before. Their pho was decent, though the broth was a tad too salty. I got a Vietnamese dessert that was sweetened mung beans, jelly, tapioca, and coconut milk over crushed ice. It was pretty good, though probably not worth the price.

On Saturday morning, for some reason, I felt like making breakfast for my family. I made a crustless quiche and a loaf of lemon cranberry bread (recipe coming soon!) The bread was delicious and unfortunately was gone by the end of the day. I wanted to eat it for a snack but my family devoured it :(

For dinner on Saturday, I was starving since I didn't really eat lunch. I finished my ride around 1pm, and just ate a Clifbar and a Kashi granola bar. We got Maryland blue crabs and I made enough pasta to feed a cross country team. 

Mmm, I love crabs. I ate three :P

And then I got froyo.


What was the best meal you had this weekend? Did you train outside and what did you do?

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