Aug 12, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 8/12/2013
Yesterday, I went to DC with my brother and two friends for dinner. I found a TravelZoo deal for a HUGE feast at Hill Country. Hill Country first opened in New York City, and now expanded to DC. I love good BBQ (especially after living in St. Louis for four years), and it's pretty hard to find in the Maryland 'burbs.

The restaurant is "market style" where you get a meal ticket and go up to the counters to get your BBQ and choose your sides. The TravelZoo deal was a feast for two, and it included:

- two beef ribs
- pork ribs
- lean brisket
- 1/2 BBQ chicken
- choice of two 16oz sides
- two drinks (alcoholic)
- two desserts

This was a TON of food! I couldn't finish my portion, so I brought home a nice lunch-sized portion of meat home and a barely touched bread pudding. I did have two beers since my friend didn't want his, and I couldn't let good beer go to waste!

Yummy BBQ chicken. This was my favorite meat; the chicken is amazingly moist. And I don't know why we got that huge stack of bread...

The sides! It's all about the sides! From left to right, we got corn puddin', baked beans with burnt ends, mashed sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole. It tasted like Thanksgiving. The corn pudding was my fave, followed by the mashed sweet potatoes. Omg it tasted like dessert.

Speaking of dessert, both my friends and I got the strawberry-rhubarb crisp and bread pudding (which was made with cinnamon rolls!!). I was so full by that point, but still managed to finish the crisp with my brother. I left extremely full and extremely satisfied. Worth it!

And today, I took an impromptu rest day since I had to work a lot later than I expected, so I missed the group trail run. Sad :( 


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