Aug 21, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 8/21/2013
Happy hump day! Though for me, not really, because I don't work on Fridays, but work half a day on Saturdays. I am settling into my new work schedule, though when school starts next week, it'll be changed around again. I work at an academic enrichment center, so once the summer is over, I get to start work at 3pm! Now, I am working 11-7:30, so it's nice that I still have time in the morning to run or bike. And do other fun more productive stuff.

This morning, I biked my usual 24 mile route. It was so foggy today, I was basically riding through a cloud! Haha, I could see tiny droplets condensing on my arm hairs. The fog was quite beautiful in the countryside, I wish I stopped to take a picture! Oh well, maybe next time when I'm not trying to get a hard workout in. 

I have been constantly hungry lately. Before my ride, I ate two slices of toast with almond butter and pineapple, but I started feeling hungry during my ride! At the turn around, I wished I had a gel with my because I felt my energy getting low. I'll have to try to remember next time. 

When I got home, I showered and made toast topped with sharp cheddar cheese, egg, spinach, and avocado. 

After I ate this, I was still hungry, so I ate the rest of that muesli bread that I got at the farmer's market on Saturday, slathered with this:

Heaven in a jar. 

I swear, I eat like a teenager :P


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