Aug 6, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 8/06/2013
Rainy day today :\ I wanted to go for a bike ride this morning, but I'm not too fond of getting soaked.

Instead, I opted to do some yoga in my basement. The only yoga DVD I have is P90X and P90X2 yoga, so I do that sometimes on rest days. I prefer the P90X2, since it's about 30 minutes shorter. It's faster paced and more challenging, as well.

My home gym set up is a black mat underneath an area rug that I roll up to workout and a projector screen for workout DVDs. Other equipment I have (that I don't really use) are PowerBlocks, agility ladder, jump rope, pull-up bar, yoga mat, resistance bands, medicine balls, and an exercise ball. My brother loves buying workout DVDs and gear, which is why we have so much stuff. In addition to the P90X's, we have Insanity and Asylum. They haven't been used much recently, since it's hard to do the program concurrently with marathon training. I just do them occasionally on rainy days like today, and when I need a break from running.

The yoga felt so good since my muscles were feeling pretty tight from the marathon on Sunday and a 6+ mile trail run yesterday. Every Monday, my running club has a recovery run in the evenings, and during the summer months, the run goes through a trail around a lake. I've actually never tried trail running before, but have always wanted to. Yesterday's run felt great and I had a lot of fun! The pace was perfect; exactly what I needed to recover, and the challenge of navigating trails full of rocks and tree roots kept things interesting. I want to run some more trails! Sorry I don't have any pictures, since I was too busy trying to stay upright and not twist my ankles. I might go on another trail run with the club on Sunday, so hopefully I can take a few then!


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