Aug 1, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 8/01/2013
Worked out with Shaun T this morning.

I did the Core Cardio and Balance Insanity workout. I sometimes workout in my home gym, a.k.a. basement. It was drizzling a bit this morning, so I decided to workout inside. I like the Insanity workouts; they are relatively short, about 40-45 minutes, and I sweat insanely! Like beads of sweat, flying off my face kind of sweating. Most of the videos are high intensity interval training, so the different moves get switched up every minute or so. The movements are kinda of fun, too, like jumping around. Maybe I'm just weird and like to jump around.

After the workout, it wasn't raining anymore, so I decided to go out for a short cool-down run. I took it easy, and ran 2.6 miles.


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