Apr 12, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 4/12/2013
So, I have ran three races in my entire life:

1) Rock n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon (2:14)
2) Turkey Chase 10k (52:10)
3) GO! St. Louis Half Marathon (1:52:53)

It's been almost a year since I have started running consistently, and becoming obsessed with this sport. I have gone so far, from being barely able to run a mile, to running longer and longer distances. Before, a 5 mile "long run" was a great effort, and now, I consider a 4 mile run to be short.

I definitely am looking forward to running more races, so I have been planning my fall races. I took advantage of a Rock n' Roll discount, so I signed up for RnR Philly earlier this year. So I will be going to Philly on September


This was a huge decision for me.

I was looking into some races in the DC area, and I happened to check out the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27th. Registration was coming up soon, so I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to try to register for it! Last year, the race sold out in a record 2.5-something hours, so I knew that I had to be ready at 11:59:59EST sharp.

At noon, there was a mad dash to register, as thousands of hopeful marathoners tried to register for this popular race. Active.com was overloaded by all the traffic, and everyone was getting error messages. I got to the registration page a few times, entered my info even got to the page where you pay, only to get booted out. It was stressful trying to refresh the page every few seconds, watching Facebook updates on how fast the spots were being taken.

I struggled for an hour. An entire hour of sitting in front of my computer, getting more and more frustrated. I probably entered my information at least 10 times. But I got in. I REGISTERED FOR MY FIRST FULL MARATHON. I was relieved that I got in. But then it sinked it; I am going to run a full 26.2 miles! I am so excited for this, but equally scared!

I am so excited and honored to be a part of this race, and finally get to race in DC!


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