Apr 12, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 4/12/2013
Run- 4.5 miles
Time- 38 mins
Pace- 8:27 min/mi

I have been running in these Puma Faas 300 shoes since last August. They were basically my only pair of running shoes, so I've logged quite a few miles in them.
I got them mostly because they were onsale, but also because they are very lightweight and more of a minimalist shoe. I loved the feel of these, and I felt quick and nimble on my feet.

I decided it was time to retire my Pumas, and I started researching for my next pair. It was so hard to decide! I knew I wanted a minimal shoe, something light, non-traditional. I went to a few running stores, tried on some shoes, didn't buy any, and just felt really indecisive. Spending ~$100 is a pretty big investment! 

At REI, I decided to try on some Merrell Road Gloves, and I immediately knew that these were the type of shoes I was looking for. They are zero drop, and only about 6oz per shoe. And they came in bright blue/green! Love<3

I ended up ordering them online and using my member discount. They arrived yesterday, and I couldn't wait to try them on! I ran 4.5 miles in them today, and really liked the feel of them. Such a good purchase, I am a happy customer :) 

I am just wondering how they will hold up on a really long run. I know I need to get used to these slowly, since they have very little cushion, and I need to rely on strong calf and feet muscles to adapt to "barefoot" running. I do tend to get a little knee pain when I increase my mileage, so I'll have to see if these cause any problems. If they do, I'll probably look for a more cushioned shoe to switch out with these as I am training for my marathon.


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