Apr 14, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 4/14/2013
Run- 6.75 miles
Time- 57 mins
Pace- 8:45 min/mi
Cross training- Insanity Power Cardio and Resistance

The weather was gorgeous this morning, and I ran a lap around Forest Park after doing an Insanity workout. There is a 6 mile bike path around the perimeter of the park, and that is my usual running route. I have done it many times, but haven't gotten tired of it yet! There are always many runners and bikers on the weekends.

I felt like running more when I got back home, since the weather was so nice, but my legs were pretty fatigued (Insanity is tough!) and I knew I should take it easy.

Yesterday was a rest day, and I went down to Soulard to visit the Anheuser-Busch brewery. I took the tour, since it's on my bucket list before I graduate. The tour lasted over an hour, longer than I anticipated. It was pretty fun, and the 2 free beer samples at the end was the highlight ;)

Seeing the Clydesdales was one of my favorite parts. Their stables were so fancy and clean, living the good life :D They are enormous, and adorable! 

 We learned about the steps in brewing beer, and got to see parts of the factory. The scale of production is massive.

 A view from the outside. The brewery grounds were rather pretty and there were a lot of historical buildings and such.

In the "hospitality room" at the end of the tour, we got a bag of pretzels and free beer samples. I tried 312, a wheat beer that I've never heard of. Apparently it's distributed mainly in Chicago. It was pretty drinkable and I enjoyed it. We were allowed 2 samples, but we were running short on time (and I was driving), so we left after trying one beer.

I want to go on more brewery tours while I'm in St. Louis, so I plan on visiting Schafly Bottleworks next. Schlafly is a craft brewery and produces beer on a much smaller scale than AB, only distributing it locally. I'm a big fan of their beer, and will definitely miss it when I move back to the east coast. You know what that means; I'll just have to drink as much of it as I can while I can ;)

Yea, I like beer.


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