Apr 21, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 4/21/2013
Run- 3.7 mi tempo + 4.3 mi= 8 mi total

Run- 4 mi easy

On Saturday morning, I attended the Unity run for Boston held at Forest Park. There were actually two runs, each organized by different organizations, so it was nice to have two starting times. The earlier one was at 8am and I went to the 10 am one. I planned on running a bit before the start, so I ran about 3.7 miles about an 8 mi/min pace. Then I headed to the visitors center where people were gathering. I tried to get some friends to join me, but no such luck (10am is early for most college students, apparently), so I went alone and see anyone I recognized there. The St. Louis Track Club was even selling shirts to raise money. I didn't have money on me though, and there were only large and XL left.

There was a long line to buy the shirts. The St. Louis Track Club ended up raising $3,777.40 to contribute to the One Fund!

There was a great turn out and it was amazing to see so many people coming out to show their support. There were a few speeches, a prayer, and then we were off for a 3-ish mile loop.

The weather was perfect for the run, blue skies, a slight breeze, cool temperatures. I went at an easy pace and picked it up near the end. There were some walkers, people with strollers ( who took a group picture together, so cute!), families running with their kids. It was just fun seeing everyone run together, people who I normally see passing by on my runs.

Afterwards, I ran home, so my total miles was around 8. Then I spent the rest of my day sneezing my head off due to spring allergies.


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