Apr 28, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 4/28/2013
Run- 6.75 mi
Time- 56 mins
Pace- 8:17 min/mi

I went hiking at Weldon Spring Clark Trail today. It was a beautiful hike, and it was nice to get out to the forest, especially now that green things are growing back. The hike was a loop about 5 miles long, and was pretty easy and relaxing.

It rained quite a bit the past week, so the trails were really muddy. Thank goodness for my waterproof Keens. There were a few bluffs that overlooked the Missouri River. We took a few detours to enjoy the view. Too bad it was overcast.

Every good hike needs a stream crossing. There wasn't really a shallow area to cross, and a lot of people got their shoes soaked. I hate wet feet, and I somehow managed to stay dry by sheer willpower.

Oh hey, spring happened. 

 I saw a field full of yellow flowers off to the side of the trail. I really wanted to frolick in flowers. So I did.

The field was so vibrant and yellow! It made me so happy :)

I didn't know what these plants were at the time, but I knew it was some kind of cover crop for the field. I looked it up, and it's yellow sweet clover.

The hike only took us until about 1pm, so we had lunch at the parking lot, and then headed back home. I really wanted to go for a run this weekend, so I ended up going out for a 6.75 mile run. The weather felt really good today, cloudy and cool. It's going to get a lot warmer this week.


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