Apr 25, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 4/25/2013

Run- 6.8 mi
Time- 59 mins
Pace- 8:40 min/mi

Cross train- Insanity Power and Resistance

I haven't worked out since Sunday, and just sat on my bum Monday through Wednesday. Just kidding, I just didn't have time since I was busy studying for my last orgo midterm of the semester. I took the exam last night, and now I can breath a sigh of relief (until finals in two weeks!). One more day of class left, whoo!

I don't have class today, so I had a leisurely morning. Made some whole wheat pancakes with cold-brewed iced coffee, did an Insanity workout, and went out for a 7-ish mile run around Forest Park. At first, my calves felt tight and my legs felt a bit fatigued (no sh*t, I just did Insanity), but a few miles into the run, I was feeling pretty good. I also took a Clif Shot before my run, and that really helped keep my energy levels up.

I tried the mocha flavor, with caffeine, for the first time. It was meh tasting. The taste doesn't bother me, though, and I just suck it down for the energy.

Vegan whole wheat pancakes, which I ate with a blueberry "compote". I took this picture last weekend, when I topped it with sliced banana and agave nectar. The "compote" was super easy; I just microwaved frozen blueberries with a bit of agave nectar until it's all bubbly. And boom, you've got a delicious blueberry syrup to pour atop your delicious, fluffy pancakes. 

I am eating this as I type this:

I make a huge kale salad with a bunch of different veggies every week, throw it in a Tupperware, and it keeps really well in the fridge. This one has: green kale, carrots, radishes, celery, green onion, avocado, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, roasted beets, broccoli, tossed in a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I also made a green smoothie with cantaloupe, and orange, and kale. So much greeness, I love it. 



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