Apr 28, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 4/28/2013
Crosstraining- Insanity Pure Cardio

Friday was the last day of (undergrad) classes forever. I am elated, a little sad, but mostly happy. I made it through four years of college. Now it's done. Which means, party-time ;)

The last day of classes always ends with a concert at my school. This year, the Yeasayers, Mat Kearney, and Atmosphere played. I wasn't familiar with any of these artists, but that wasn't a big deal. I go mainly for the fun of being with my friends and dancing. Let's just say a lot of day drinking was involved.

And this happened. Yes, that's a Mickey Mouse beach cake that says "Happy WILD" (Walk in Lay Down)

And some blurry pics when I remembered to take pictures only after it got too dark. I don't even know who was on stage at this point.

It was a fun night, and the next day, I just bummed in bed, got some froyo with friends, and went to a game night party. Today, I'm going on a day hike. It should be beautiful.


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