May 5, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 5/05/2013
Yesterday, I went down to Cherokee St., the Mexican neighborhood of St. Louis, for a Cinco de Mayo festival. Yes, it was only Quatro de Mayo yesterday, but it made sense to have the festival on a Saturday, I guess.

The festival was held on a few blocks of Cherokee St. It was packed with food vendors, drink vendors (margaritas in fishbowls!), and stages with performers. There was also a parade earlier in the afternoon, but I missed it because I was busy drinking beer at Microfest.

The food from the vendors smelled so good! There was all kinds of Mexican food: tacos, tortas, elotes, chicharones, homemade ice cream... I wanted to eat it all! I mainly went to check it out and get some dinner. My friends and I decided on sitting down at a restaurant instead of getting street food.

This was the restaurant we ended up going to. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the food! I was way too eager to gobble it all up! The restaurant modified their menu for the festival, though, so we basically got the same food that was being served on the streets. The food came in a paper boat, as well. I chose a lengua torta (beef tongue sandwich). It was so yummy, juicy, salty, savory, and flavorful. It definitely hit the spot after being cold all day in the drizzle and drinking beer all afternoon ;)

Afterwards, I still wanted to try some of the street food, so I ended up getting elotes, corn on the cob slathered in mayo, sprinkled with cheese and chili powder, served on a stick. The corn was steaming hot, and delicious! I was pretty full at this point. Here's a pic I stole from the Internets for you to drool over.

Since I rarely go down to Cherokee St., I took the opportunity to finally try this ice cream shop I've been wanting to go to, I Scream Cakes. They make unique flavors of ice cream, including some vegan flavors. I sampled like half of them before finally deciding on orange-habanero chocolate and caramel macchiato. The habanero was really good with a nice, mild heat at the finish. The macchiato was equally good. It had a strong, clean coffee flavor and the caramel was sweet and rich.

I was so full after all that yummy food and drink, and ended up food coma-ing the rest of the night. It was all so worth it!


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