May 11, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 5/11/2013
Run- 7.75 mi
Time- 66 mins

I've been wanting to go to Tower Grove Farmer's Market for a very long time. It's a completely local farmer's market at Tower Grove Park that's only open on Saturdays. It's a bit far from where I live, and public transportation there isn't very convenient. By car, it's about a 15 minute drive.

This morning, I finally decided to go. I planned on running there and meeting up with my friends so I could get a car ride back. It was a 5.5 mile run there, and then I ran around the length of the park to look around. It's really pretty, especially now that it's spring time.

There were pretty fountains and cute pavilions. I wish I lived closer so I could run there more often. The farmer's market was located in the middle of the park. There were quite a few vendors selling fresh herbs, meats, eggs, bread and pastries, local honey, ice pops, grilled cheese, and craft vendors selling jewelry, bags, and other handmade items.

After my run, I was mainly thirsty, but I was also getting pretty hungry. Seeing all the food just made me want to eat it all, and I had a hard time deciding on what to get! There were also food trucks, one selling vegan fare such as sweet potato falafel, veggie burgers, and breakfast tacos. The other one had sweet and savory crepes. After much contemplation, I decided on a crepe filled with prosciutto, goat cheese, apples, and apple butter. It was really yummy!

I also picked up a rosemary-olive baguette and a dark rye bagel made by a local bakery co-op, and half a dozen farm fresh eggs. There was this really cute tea shop in a re-purposed trailer. I went inside to look around, and it really did smell nice in there :)

I'm sad that I didn't take advantage of this farmer's market sooner. This is my last Saturday in St. Louis, so my last chance to visit the market. I'm really glad I did.


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