May 9, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 5/09/2013
Run- 5.8 mi

Yesterday, I went in to take my last final exam at 8am. At 10am, I was officially done with my four-year undergraduate education. I came out of the exam room with a huge smile on my face and so many feelings. I had a tough week, studying hard for my three final exams, eating like crap, not running (sad), and general anxiety and stress since I really needed to do well on all my finals. After finally finishing the last exam, I felt so relieved, happy, and excited to be graduating, but also nostalgic and a bit sad to be leaving my school and all the friends I've grown close to over the four years.

My commencement is next Friday, so from now until then is Senior Week, a week with a bunch of fun events such as a float trip, a formal, and a Cardinals Game. I'm really looking forward to having a blast with my friends, party it up, and celebrate our graduation!

After graduation, I am moving back to home on the East Coast, in the MD/DC suburbs. For the first month of my summer, I'll be studying for the Dental Admissions Test, and then applying to dental schools. Since I am applying this summer, I have a gap year. I don't really have any plans yet for this year, which is a bit daunting, but I'm going to make the most of it! I'll have a lot of time to figure life out and time for my hobbies, such as running, drawing, reading books (I never read for fun during school ): ).

This summer, I'll also be training for my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon. Hope it's not a brutally hot summer! (wishful thinking, I know)

I'm definitely going to miss St. Louis and Washington University. I had a great time here, and I have grown to love this city, but I am also ready to transition to the next chapter of my life. I'll take this year to enjoy living with my family again, before going off to dental school, wherever that may be.


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