May 3, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 5/03/2013
Run- 4.5 mi
Time- 39 mins
Pace- 8:40 min/mi

Run- 4 mi
Time- 34 mins
Pace- 8:30 min/mi

Run- 6.8 mi
Time- 59 mins
Pace- 8:40 min/mi

Lately I've been busy busy busy studying for my finals. Monday through Wednesday was reading week, and exams started yesterday, but I don't have mine until next Monday. I have two on Monday and one on Wednesday. And then freedom! I keep telling myself that it's only a few more days...

Despite having to study all day, I've been squeezing in time to go on runs in the mornings or afternoons. Running makes me happy, clears my head, and energizes me, so I definitely don't want to miss out on it even during the most stressful times of final exams. In fact, I can't afford to skip my runs; they are integral in helping me deal with the stress.

I've been wanting to make one of these at


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