Nov 15, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 11/15/2013
I had a great run this morning in my new shoes, the Mizuno Wave Sayonara. So far, I've run 10.2 miles in them today and yesterday and I am really liking them! They are stiffer than my old shoes (Mizuno Evo Cursoris) and not zero drop. I feel like they provide me more support, combined with my SuperFeet orthotics, and I haven't had any tendinitis pain in my ankles so far. I am hoping that getting the proper support for my feet is all it takes to cure me of my ankle issues. We'll see after I put more miles on these.

Lately, I've been doing relatively shorter runs compared to during my marathon training. Today, I ran 10K pretty hard, and pushed myself to run sub-8 mile splits. Success :) I averaged a 7:47 pace.

Mile 1- 7:32
Mile 2- 7:49
Mile 3- 7:58
Mile 4- 7:54
Mile 5- 7:50
Mile 6- 7:44
0.2 mile nubbin'- 7:35

Not gonna lie, this was tough for me. The route I ran had rolling hills, and I was struggling. The last 0.2 miles was all uphill, and I ran as hard as I could. Like wheezing at the top hard. It felt great to pick it up at the end, though!

I am still deciding whether or not to run the Turkey Chase 10K on Thanksgiving. Although I will most probably PR from last year's 52:10 time, I don't know if I will be mentally prepared to race it. I want to have more time to train specifically for the distance. I am targeting a 10K in April, Pike's Peak, so I want to work towards building speed for that.

Still, I might run it just for fun. I'll probably decide last minute.

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