Nov 3, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 11/03/2013
I usually post my training log on Sundays, but this week, I haven't been training for any upcoming races. It feels weird to not have anything to train for. Hopefully that will change soon. 

On Friday, I went out for a short, easy run and felt pretty good. This morning, I did some speedwork and ran a total of 3.5 hard, fast miles. Well, fast for me. I also went for a spin on my bike in the afternoon, since I haven't biked in about two weeks! Unacceptable. I kept it short, about 11 miles.

For the month of November, my goals are:

1. Less mileage, more speed- I want to work on getting fast, and targeting a 10K later this month and one in the spring

2. More crosstraining- My body needs a break from running, and I want to get stronger in cycling and (maybe) swimming (coughtriathloncough). I'm also going to be doing more Insanity workouts for strength training.

3. Eat less sugar- I've been craving all the sweets lately, especially after the marathon. My diet has been fabulous after my wisdom tooth surgery, living off of pumpkin ice cream, froyo, sugary protein shakes, and more froyo. Oh, and Halloween candy!

And I just typed that last one after eating a packet of M&Ms, two fig bars, pretzels, and 2 graham crackers. Heck, I was hungry and dinner isn't until two hours. At Fruddruckers. let's see how this month goes. 

What are your goals for this month?


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