Nov 11, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 11/11/2013
Happy Veteran's Day! If you have today off, I hope you are enjoying it :) I have to work today, but it still feels like a holiday because the rest of my family have a day off and we went out for lunch.

I've been eating out a lot lately! On Saturday, I tried a local BBQ place that I've never been to before with my brother. He had a Groupon and I was mooching ;) It seemed like a pretty popular place, and there was a 20 minute wait. The place has BBQ ribs, wings, skillet mac and cheese (a lot of different kinds), and great craft beer! 

We got a "half" order of the onion loaf, a huge mound of fried onions. It came with a huge knife stuck in the middle of it, and it was really like a loaf! Super greasy, but delicious. Ugh, we ate most of this thing between two people.

I went with the pulled pork plate, which came with cornbread, coleslaw, and chips. The bbq pork was pretty good, though it could have been a bit moister with a smokier flavor. The cornbread was also a bit weird and dry... there were small green specks with a slightly fake jalapeno flavor.

Today, I went out to use another Groupon at Nando's Peri-Peri, a South African grilled chicken place. I went with a grilled chicken breast wrap with grilled corn and shared a plate of hummus and pita bread. I love their spicy sauces because they are acutally SPICY, not wimpy spicy.

The hummus came with an adorable little bottle of "Peri-Peri drizzle". I think it was some kind of seasoning oil.

And even though I was stuffed, there was a 16 Handles right across the street so that had to happen. And now I'm about to explode.

And although my blog is called Run Fast Eat Lots, I've only been living up to half of my name. Eating a lot, but not a lot of running going on. On Saturday, I biked 15 miles and this morning, I ran 5. I also tried to go shoe shopping on Sunday and tried a bunch of shoes on, but didn't end of buying anything. Fail.

I finally decided on what shoes to get this morning, and ordered online. I decided to go with the Mizuno Sayonara and saved $30 on Amazon. Now I have to wait until Wednesday until they arrive!

YAY new shoes :)


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