Nov 1, 2013

Posted by Jo W. 11/01/2013
Happy Friday!

This week has been all about recovery for me. Recovering after the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, and recovering after oral surgery on Wednesday to extract a wisdom tooth. Can the pain stop soon?

I've definitely been taking it easy, running-wise, taking walks in the park every morning. Monday and Tuesday were pretty rough; my leg muscles were sore and feeling stiff. Wednesday was a lot better, and I barely felt sore on Thursday. Now, it's my jaw that feels sore. And swollen.

This whole recovery thing has gotten my schedule out of whack. Today I woke up late, at 7:40 (I always wake before 7)! I'm also a wimp and took two days off from work after the surgery. My job involves a lot of talking, so I thought it would be best to rest. All I've been doing is eating ice cream and watching Walking Dead.

And eating KitKats and Reeses, even though it takes a long time for me to eat it without chewing.


God, I feel lazy and fat. And it's pretty nice :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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