Jun 21, 2012

Posted by Jo W. 6/21/2012
I don't know why, but I have a really hard time staying hydrated. I feel like I am drinking water all day, but I still feel thirsty when I go out to run, sometimes. I guess this 97 degree weather isn't really helping. Last night, I went out around 6:50pm for a run, and the whole time I felt super thirsty. My mouth felt so dry, even though I stopped for water like 4 times. I should really get a hydration belt... My route has water fountains along it in good intervals, and I usually rely on them for water.

Running while dehydrated is the worst feeling. I managed 4 miles, stopped to walk a bit, and pushed 2.75 more miles for a total of 7.75 miles. Not bad, and they were pretty past with an average pace of about 9:20 mins/mile. I feel like I can getting faster compared to before. My pace is usually around 9:45.

When I got home, I drank plenty of water throughout the evening. So much, that I had to get up at least twice to pee in the night. Haha.

In other news, I ate froyo for dinner last night. Not exactly the healthiest dinner, but oh well. This is kind of, maybe the second time I ate froyo for dinner this week, but I am addicted to that stuff and I'm not afraid to admit it :) I went out with friends at 9:30 to hang out at the local frozen yogurt shop. I hadn't eaten a meal since 3pm, I had run a lot, so I was feeling super duper hungry and kind of lightheaded. Oops. That's probably why I got almost $7 worth of froyo. At least I had a full punch card, which I used, and it ended up being less than $2. Yay :)


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