Jun 25, 2012

Posted by Jo W. 6/25/2012
I was going to ease into the week and take it slow with a short run today. After work, I had a snack, sent some emails, and then went out for a run. I ended up going 6.3 miles, a lot more than I had planned, though I went pretty slowly. My legs felt pretty good, but both my knees are still bothering me. This time there's a dull ache in the front of my knee, by the knee cap, I'm guessing. At first it felt a bit stiff, especially when I tried to run harder, but after my legs warmed up, it wasn't so bad. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing... I should really ease up on  my mileage this week.

I was planning on running today, tomorrow, and Wednesday since Thursday and Friday it's going to be well over 100 degrees! My iPhone weather says 106 on Thursday!!! How the... what the hell... How can this be possible, and it's only June?! Hopefully I'll be able to work indoors on Thursday and only go out to the field in the morning on Friday. If I have to go out on Thursday, I'll probably fry to a crisp.

But I don't know, if my knees keep aching I'll probably have to take a break. I'm not good with doing things in moderation, though.


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