Jun 23, 2012

Posted by Jo W. 6/23/2012
Mon- 5.7 mi
Tues- rest
Wed- 4.0 + 2.77 mi
Thurs- rest
Fri- 4.75 + 4.14 mi
Sat- 8.41 mi

Total= 29.77

Almost 30 miles this week. I tried to do a longer run this morning, at least 10 miles. I was feeling great, until that annoying pain in the back of my left knee started again around mile 6. Then the front of my right knee started to hurt a little as well. I had enough energy to push on, but I decided to not push it and started walking around mile 8. Oh well, I'd rather take it slow and not permanently damage something. I am, however, improving my speed. Most runs this week, my pace was about 9:20 min/mile, whereas last week it was almost 10 mins/mile.

As I am typing this, I am icing both my knees. It looks pretty silly, but works. I take ziploc bags and fill them with ice. Then I use plastic wrap to strap the bags onto my legs. Hands-free icing :)

Haha, looks silly, but is quite effective. I'm going to sit with these things on my legs for about 20 minutes.


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