Jun 20, 2012

Posted by Jo W. 6/20/2012
Yesterday was a rest day, though I hiked a lot for work. I work on a research project studying box turtles and split my time between a large nature research center and an urban park. I was at the research center yesterday, and was hiking up and down mountain ridges, tracking turtles.

Three-toed Box Turtle!

Although I didn't run yesterday, I still felt a little pain in my back knee. I think I strained a tendon, or something, so I iced it when I got back home. I really hope that it goes away soon. I'm going to try to run on it this afternoon and see if the pain is better or worse.

Today's going to be a furnace, though. High is 97, and the hottest part of the day is when I usually run after I get off work. Maybe I'll go out a bit later in the evening, though it doesn't cool down all that much and I'd rather not run in the dark.


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