Jun 18, 2012

Posted by Jo W. 6/18/2012
Ran a slow 5.7 miles today. Not because it was 93 degrees out, not because I had no energy, nor was it because I was dehydrated. It didn't feel too hot in the shade, with a strong breeze, and I felt well rested and had a lot of energy. I wasn't even dehydrated, which I usually am even though I drink water constantly throughout the day.

My muscles were just fatigued, and my hamstrings and shins felt really tight and sore. Also, my left ankle and the tendon on my back knee started hurting around mile 3. I think I need more than one day of rest from my Saturday long run. I had the same pain in my left leg on Saturday. I wanted to run faster and longer, but my legs just physically couldn't. I'll see how I feel on Wednesday, but I will definitely rest tomorrow.

Ugh, today was so hot and it's starting to get humid. Seems like summer is really here, with above 90 degree days all week. I work outside doing field research this summer, so I am hiking and biking all day. The heat just seems to sap all my energy and I feel so sluggish. I guess I have to get used to it since I'm going to be training in this heat all summer. At least it'll make me tough (ha!). 


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