Feb 19, 2014

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If you know me and how I train, you would know that I'm not too great at making plans and sticking to them. I don't meticulously plan out each workout for an 18 week training cycle and follow through with them. Instead, I just make some basic guidelines or a goal mileage to hit for each week.

I trained like this, informally, for my past few endurance events, and I think I was fairly successful. For my marathon training, although I didn't plan out each day's workout, I increased my long runs progressively up to 20 miles, and was running 3-4 days a week. Some weekends, I would reach a new personal distance record on my long runs, and some weekends, I would step back on my mileage based on how I was feeling or how busy I was. It was low-key and stress-free training.

For the upcoming spring season, this is what I am training for:
  • low-key 10K on March 30
  • Pike's Peak 10K on April 27 that I want to PR in
  • my cross-country bike ride with 4K for Cancer
I am going to focus on developing speed for the two 10K races and then build up endurance for the cross-country bike ride. I've never trained for something as daunting as riding 4,400 miles over 70 days! 

As of right now, I have been training indoors on my bike trainer about 2-3 times a week and running an average of 0 miles per week. Wompwomp :(

It's fun watching TV while riding and all, but I prefer riding outside! 

Once winter starts thawing out, I will start training more outdoors and hopefully I can do some longer rides on the weekends soon (praying for good weather this weekend)! I've been a wimp about running outside with all the snow we've gotten recently, so that needs to stop. 

So yea, that's not really a training plan, but what I plan to do in the next three months. 

What are you training for this spring?


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