Feb 20, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , , | 2/20/2014
Yesterday, I shared my training goals for this spring, and it's about time I start actually training for them. I am embarrassingly out of running shape, and need to get back into running more regularly. I've probably ran a grand total of 5 times since New Years. I have two months and some days until my goal race on April 27th. It will be a mostly, slightly downhill 10K race that I should be able to PR in. For my last 10K, I finished in about 48 minutes, but there was a massive hill for about a mile. I want to shave off at least 2 minutes and my target pace is in the low 7's (min/mile).

Today, I went out for a run for the first time in what seems like forever. The weather was actually pretty nice and in the 40's. I could have worn capris and arm warmers instead of a shirt and light jacket. I didn't have a workout in mind, and I just wanted to run to get back into the groove. I ended up running a total of 5 miles with some walking breaks because 1) I didn't drink enough water and was getting a headache and 2) I got a call and had to take it. 

It's pretty frustrating to have lost so much fitness compared to where I was last year. During the last training cycle, at the peak of my fitness, I got a massive half marathon PR, completed a century ride, and finished my first marathon. I know I shouldn't be comparing myself now to then, but I feel like I'm starting back at square one. That's probably not true, since I feel that I've maintained my fitness base in the winter months through training on my bike and running occasionally. I just need to get my running mojo back!

Yay running!
Anyways, I am going to stop my moping! The weather is getting nicer and that definitely helps with motivation. I'm going to take it slowly, run more consistently, and get my speed back.  

Besides running, I am so excited to get back on the bike! I've been pining to ride outside without freezing, and it looks like the weather this weekend will be perfect. Mid 60's! I am planning on going out with my friends both Saturday and Sunday, and I am stupid excited for it. The weekend can't come soon enough :)

I miss THIS so much

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Are you getting back into training after the winter season?


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