Feb 14, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , | 2/14/2014
After two and a half months, I am back to blogging! After the Thanksgiving holidays, I had some things in my life that I needed to figure out. I thought it would be best to take a break from the blogging and keeping up with social media. It was a much-needed interlude, but I'm glad I'm back.

So let's catch up. Here's what's been going on with my life:


Ever since Thanksgiving, I haven't been running much, and lately with all the snow, not at all. That's probably a good thing because I have some knee and ankle issues that are still nagging me. I only have two spring races, both 10K's, in March and April. The one in March with a low-key race, and I want to PR in the April one. I need to start training more consistently and work on speed.


I got a Cyclops Fluid bike trainer for Christmas and I have been training a couple of times a week on that. I'm weird in that I actually like training on it and just hammering away listening to music or watching TV shows. I can't stand running on a treadmill but an hour on my trainer goes relatively fast.

Dental School

I finally got an acceptance in early February! I have been waiting for a long time, so I was thrilled to finally get into a school. I can't wait to start school in August, but I will also enjoy my freedom for the next six months.

Summer Plans

I am officially on the 4K for Cancer bike ride from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR. Find out more about it here.

From now until June 1 when I hit the road, I will be putting a lot of miles on the bike in preparation for the 70 day, 4400 mile bike trip. I am also fundraising $4500, so I will be busy with that.

I will be posting updates with my bike route, training plans, fundraising news, etc. so stay tuned!


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