May 31, 2014

Posted by Jo W. 5/31/2014
Hi everyone! I'm just checking in before I pass out and try to get a solid night rest before waking up at 5:25am for the start of my cross-country cycling trip. 

Last night I did some last minute packing, since I had to leave for Baltimore the next morning. I have a HUGE duffel that's nearly full, as well as a backpack. Hope I didn't forget anything. Ha. 

Starting at 8am today, all the 4K for Cancer riders had training, where we did icebreakers as a team, rotated through stations to practice group riding, bike maintenance, going over rules, and practicing driving and loading our huge 15-passenger vans. 

The training ended at 4pm, and then I met up with my family at our hotel. We are staying near the Baltimore inner Harbor, so it'll be convenient for my family to head down to the send-off ceremony. 

For our last family dinner, we went to McCormick and Schmicks for some seafood. I was super hungry and this is probably one of the few nice meals I'm going to eat in the next 70 days, so I ate a ton. So yummy. 

After dinner, we walked around the harbor and ran into some street performers. They were actually performing exactly where our send-off tomorrow will be. The show was entertaining, and it was cool that he included his kids in the show. They are very talented jugglers! And probably only in high school. 

The performer asked for volunteers from the audience, and he asked me and my four year old cousin to help. I handed him knives while he balanced on a board atop a bowling ball. My little cousin was adorable, though. It was so funny watching him participate in the show, and he even got some money! 

I had a great time spending the last night with my family before I head off. Tomorrow, we are riding about 72 miles from Baltimore. First destination is Waynesboro, PA!


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