May 13, 2014

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My first cycling road race is this Sunday, only 5 days away! I am slightly panicking, but I keep telling myself that everything will be okay, I won't have a mechanical, and my legs are ready for this. I really have no idea what to expect, since I've never raced before. The race is in Richmond, Virginia, which is pretty far. I'll be making the two hour drive on Sunday morning, and since it starts around 12pm, I won't have to get up crazy early. The race itself is a 22-mile loop that we do twice, for a total of 44 miles. The field is small, and so far, there are only 9 women. My friend will be racing in the Category 4 men's. It would be a lie to say that I am not nervous, but I am hoping for the best! At least the weather will be nice.

Also, I can't believe that it's already mid-May and that I will start to ride across the country in two and a half weeks! I am getting more and more excited as June 1st approaches, and I can't wait to meet my 28 teammates who will be riding with me from Baltimore all the way to Portland. 

Before I go on the trip, however, every rider needs to raise a minimum of $4500. Part of the funds will cover the ride expenses, but most of them will go to support young adults with cancer by providing patient navigation services and awarding college scholarships. My brother recently made a generous donation to my fund, and I am now so close to my fundraising goal! I have been making deposits with my own money since I've been struggling a bit to make all the fundraising deadlines, but with my brother's donation, I am less than $100 away from meeting the minimum before the May 15th deadline. 

Although it makes me uncomfortable to ask for donations, I really need all the help I can get for a final push to meet the minimum. Even a small donation of $5 will help reach my goal and allow me to go on this amazing adventure for an incredible organization. Click on the image below for my donation page, as well as my profile explaining why I want to cycle across the across the country.

And now it's time for another Weekly Chase!

Road Runner Girl

Goals from last week:

1. Get my cross country cycling gear together- I've been shopping around at local bike shops, REI, and Amazon for gear and cycling kit. I recently ordered a bunch of stuff off of Amazon that I will need for the trip, but I still have a few more things to get such as puncture resistant tires.

2. Go on two club rides- I went on a club ride on Thursday and Saturday. The Thursday ride was pretty hard and I got dropped halfway. Well, that's the reason I join these rides, to challenge myself and get stronger.

3. Go to yoga three times- Only went twice this week, again. My weekends were packed and I didn't have time to go to my usual class.

4. Run for fun- Not only did I run, I ran twice, PLUS one was on the trails! Both were enjoyable, though the trail run was hot.

This week's goals:

1. Reach my fundraising minimum by May 15th deadline- I am blown away by all the generosity I've received since I started fundraising in February, and I've already raised over $3000! That's incredible, and I am so close to meeting the fundraising minimum. I can do this!

2. Go on two training rides- I want to try to make it to two club rides this week before my race on Sunday, but that will depend on the weather. A lot of afternoon thunderstorms this week :(

3. Catch up with friends- Since I will be leaving my hometown soon to cycle across the country and then move to Boston, I want to spend some quality time with my friends. I'm getting a bit sad that I will be leaving!

4. Do my first road race- I just want to have a good experience. And not finish last.


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