May 16, 2014

Posted by Jo W. 5/16/2014
As a Sweat Pink ambassador, I had the opportunity to sample the LYFT Energy Stir Stick.

I don't know about you, but energy drinks usually have a funky taste full of funky ingredients and sugar. I used to drink Red Bull in middle school even though it kind of grossed me out. Yea... not a wise choice.

LYFT Energy Stir Sticks are a different concept than your typical energy drink because you can transform any beverage into an energy drink. The caffeine is derived from green coffee bean extract and there are some added vitamins that are typically found in conventional energy drinks, such as B12 and B6. The sticks also contain zero calories and are lightly sweetened with stevia. There is 125 mg of caffeine per stick, which is the amount in a small coffee. A Starbucks tall (12 oz) has about 260 mg of caffeine, for comparison.

On the LYFT website, they suggest stirring it into different beverages any time of the day, from your morning orange juice to an evening cocktail.

I am no stranger to caffeine consumption, and I usually have some caffeine (in coffee form) before my workouts. I also consume caffeinated gels during longer efforts because I think that it really helps to keep my energy levels up. Earlier this week, I was feeling lethargic one morning, even after my massive cup of coffee. I was planning on going out for a training ride, though my body was kind of protesting. I decided to give LYFT a try and stirred it into a small glass of my sports drink.

The packaging is pretty cool. You peel the label down the side, which exposes the perforated part of the stick so the caffeine can dissolve in your drink when you stir. The stick also did double duty by stirring in my powdered sports drink.

Even though there's a small amount of sweetener in the stick, I didn't taste any difference in my drink. I headed out for a 21 mile ride afterwards. At first, I was still feeling a bit fatigued, probably due to the humidity and heat, but my legs really woke up in the middle of the ride. It was still a hard effort, but I think I got a little boost from the caffeine since I was feeling pretty shitty before the ride.

This product makes caffeine consumption convenient, especially if you're not a fan of coffee or tea. I wouldn't say that I am so dependent on caffeine that I need to carry it with my for a little "boost" during the day, but it is sometimes nice to have when I'm really struggling.

Pick your poison: coffee, tea, energy drinks, caffeine supplements (like LYFT)


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