May 4, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , , | 5/04/2014
I haven't run since last Sunday, when I raced the Pike's Peak 10K. Earlier this week was soaking wet, so I only got to ride outside on Monday. My legs were a bit sore after the hard 10K effort, but a few miles in, they seemed fine. Nothing like a nice bike ride to cure sore legs!

The weather on Tuesday and Wednesday was gross, so I went to yoga. I still wanted to get some cycling in before I left for Boston for three days, so I did a workout on the bike trainer. Short, but pretty effective!

On Thursday morning, my dad and I left for the 8 hour drive up to Boston to go apartment hunting. We actually ended up taking close to 9 hours because of rest stops and traffic. We didn't even stop for lunch! Just to get gas and take bathroom breaks. The route we took had an exceptional amount of tolls and construction zones, which really slowed us down. We got to Boston around 5pm and checked into the hotel. It was a good time to arrive in the city, just in time to find a place to get dinner and then walk around to explore. We strolled around Boylston and the Back Bay area. I kind of squealed when I saw the Boston Marathon finish line! I also fell in love with the neighborhood; the streets lined with brownstones are beautiful! I wish I could live in that kind of a neighborhood someday.

The apartment hunting was actually successful, and by the time I left on Saturday afternoon, I had secured a perfect place. And it was in Back Bay, too! It is so convenient, great restaurants and bars in the area, safe neighborhood, and a quality bi-level apartment. I feel so lucky and so happy I found it! Can't wait to start my new life in the city :)

I didn't get to run while I was in Boston because I was too busy dealing with apartment stuff. I even brought my running clothes, but oh well. I'll have plenty of chances to run along the Charles when I actually live there.

We made it back late Saturday night, and I was planning on going for a long bike ride the next morning with my bike club. I had a great ride in the countryside, even though I got lost for a little bit. I ended up cycling 68 miles, and I was pretty wiped out by the end. The pollen levels today are very high, so I spent the rest of the day sneezing my head off and dying of itchy eyes and throat. Fun. But so worth it!

Monday- cycling 21 mi, avg 17.9 mph

Tuesday- 75 min vinyasa yoga

Wednesday- 60 min hot yoga
                      30 mins on bike trainer, 5 x 1 min hill repeats w/ 2 min rest

Thursday- rest

Friday- rest

Saturday- rest

Sunday- cycling 68 miles, avg 16.7 mph


Cycling- 89 miles

Running- 0

I haven't seen a zero for my running mileage in so long! Hopefully I can get at least one run in this week. I am still focusing on strengthening my bike skills for my first road race on May 18th. I have two weeks left to train, so I need to learn fast. I'll share more details about the race when I actually register for it.


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