May 11, 2014

Posted by Jo W. in , , | 5/11/2014
I got a solid week of training for my cycling road race coming up in a week. I had originally planned on doing training rides on both Tuesday and Thursday, with the fast paced group that slightly intimidates me. However, on Tuesday, I got stuck in traffic and got to the ride start 6 minutes late. Unfortunately, the group had already left. I was pretty angry with myself for not accounting for traffic, so I drove the 30 minutes back home and did a short ride from my house.

I learned my lesson and made sure I was early for the Thursday training ride. It was challenging, but a good, hard workout. On Saturday, I went to Virginia to ride with another bike club, and rode with the "B" group, which is slightly less fast than the "A" group, but not a leisurely ride at a "C" pace. The group used rotating pacelines for part of the ride, which was good practice for me. It's amazing how much energy you save when working together! At the midway rest stop, my legs were still feeling fresh. If you're not familiar with how pacelining works, here's a video:

I also went on two short runs this week. On Friday, I spontaneously decided to go for a trail run in the woods near my house. It was a bit hot and I regretted not bringing water with me, but I really enjoyed running in the woods for a change of scenery. The hills were a bit tough, and I was completely soaked in sweat afterwards!

Monday- 75 minute vinyasa yoga

Tuesday- cycling 11 mi

Wednesday- running 2.75 mi

Thursday- cycling 29 mi, avg 18.7 mph

Friday- 75 minute vinyasa yoga
             trail running 5.5 mi, avg 9:06

Saturday- cycling 47.8 mi, avg 17.9 mph

Sunday- cycling 30.5, avg 17.8 mph


Running- 8.25 mi

Cycling- 118.3 mi

A lot of hard riding this week. I need to get to yoga class tomorrow to stretch out those tight muscles. And foam roll more.


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